Monday, May 23, 2016

Inspiration: Waves

N.C. Wyeth

I've been working on a painting lately that has some water in it, so I've been looking at a lot of ocean themed paintings to get inspired. Here are some favorites I've come across that I thought our readers might enjoy as well.

Dan Adel

Dan Adel

Dan Adel

Dan Adel


Donato Giancola

Winslow Homer

Ivan Aivazovsky


  1. Don't forget Carl watercolor water ever. (That sounds repetitive.)

  2. Dan - do you know Ruo Li's work? Especially to see up close and in person - it's actually loose! (only viewed online, his work might be misinterpreted as being very rendered, but it's really not!)

    1. I do now. Those are fantastic.

  3. Edward Minoff does quite nice seascapes as well.

  4. The Watercolors of Anders Zorn don't have a lot of waves, but they do have a lot of water (boat scenes, etc...), and that man could paint water like no-ones business.

    That Homer painting is one of my favorite paintings ever, and those Adel waves are spectacular!

  5. All great choices to look at. The Homer is one we had hanging as a print in our house growing up. I would stare at it for long periods just mesmerized. It certainly was a huge influence on me as an artist. I have seen some Ruo Li paintings in life and Vanessa is right they are actually loose and quite painterly but in a structured manner which is their appeal. The Adel's are so dramatic I remember reading an interview about this series and he said something along the lines of thinking of waves as having a sculptural quality. I am paraphrasing from memory.
    I could list bunches of my favorites.
    You might want to see this blog, no longer updated, just to see a wide variety in one place.

  6. I'm just now conquering my fabric fears. Be a while before I tackle a maelstrom I feel. lol

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  8. Pyle's illustration captures the awe...


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