Wednesday, June 15, 2016


-By Jesper Ejsing

I was in-house for a whole year at my friend Peters Studio in Copenhagen a couple of years ago. Peter, my very good friend who I play roleplaying games with every monday, asked me to be the sole concept artist on a tablet game they were developing together with Kiloo, the company who gave us Subway Surfers. I stayed onboard for over a year and got to paint and draw some very funny and crazy creatures, landscapes, armors and demons.

The game is out for free download tomorrow. I look forward to trying it in final.

When I started at the studio I had never really painted digitally before. Peter knew that and said I had a reasonable time to learn before they expected results. I would have like half a year for practicing and trying out different styles and processes, but they gave me 2 weeks. I have to say I crash coursed learned how to draw with a wacom and later a cintiq. Now a couple of years later I feel more compfortable in the media even though I am still very green.

The game Is called Dawnbringer and is all about angels-knights figthing demons. You explore landscapes and go underground in dungeons and caves too. check out the fantastic cinematic trailer here:

It is really a special experience to see fully alive figures that I remember having designed and painted for weeks and weeks. Here are a couple of concepts I did for the game.


  1. It's about time we got a world full of your designs. Your one of the very few artists that when I look at your work for clients I just see your "fantasy" and not theirs in your style.

    Really dig the crocodile back guy

    Hopefully one day we get a project from you. Maybe the same universe as your books

  2. Wow! So much great work here. Thank you for the generous gallery of inspiration Jesper!

  3. Incredible:) love it, like you and your work:)


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