Tuesday, June 21, 2016

For a Few Dragons More...

By Justin Gerard

Quick post today! After my last post A plague of Dragons wherein we saw some wonderful dragons that have been illustrated throughout the ages I couldn't help but start scribbling a few myself. So today I am sharing a few fine scaly fellows that will be appearing in my Sketchbook 2016 later this year.
Hope you enjoy!

Bonus: This is a spread from my 2013 sketchbook which shows briefly how I tend to work up a sketch of a dragon.  I hope to do something more in depth in this year's sketchbook:  


  1. Always a pleasure to see your dragons Justin!

  2. Love the second one Justin. He needs to star in his own painting.

    1. I agree! Now I just need to work out what this sly devil is up to... Hunting dwarves? Summoned by a wizard? Hungry for cheeseburgers? Not sure what just yet...

  3. Eoghan is right - your dragons always bring the toothy goodness, Justin. When is the next sketchbook release planned for?

    1. I should have Sketchbook 2016 available for order around the end of August. But I also plan to have advance copies at Gencon and DragonCon this year for anyone who might be dropping in at either of those shows!

  4. Your dragons are always so precious (and terrifying, yes of course)!


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