Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Help Us Grow!

For the past 6 years, Muddy Colors has been dedicated to providing a free online resource for aspiring artists interested in the Fantasy Art field. In that time, we have never accepted single dollar in revenue from advertising nor have we ever charged our readers for content. In fact, all of our contributors donate their time each and every day completely free of charge for the benefit of our readers. Instead of getting paid, our members have actually spent their own money to help grow this blog into what it is today.

None of that will change.

But Muddy Colors is looking to grow our community even further, and we are asking for you to help us do it. As of today, we are launching a Patreon page.

We are using this Patreon as an opportunity to ask our readers for support in our endeavors. We will use these funds to provide better content for our readers, maintain website fees, and support aspiring artists through Muddy Colors programs and scholarships.

The money we raise will not go into our pockets. We promise to use your donations with care and consideration, and will put those funds right back into this blog.

We receive over a quarter of a million views ever month. If each reader donated just a single dollar per month we could do some absolutely amazing things! We could produce better quality articles, put on workshops, purchase equipment for live video streams, pay special guests to write tutorials for us, and provide even more scholarships and exhibition space at conventions for our readers.

Unlike the typical Patreon format, we will not be taking content away from non-contributors simply because they can not afford to support the blog. The blog will remain exactly as it is, with informative daily articles, subscription-free. Instead, we are asking that those who can contribute, do so, so that we can bring the very best content to every artist that wants it, regardless of location or wealth.

As an incentive for your donations, we are offering a some unique rewards for our patrons. These rewards include access to a monthly livestream, where you can watch one of our members paint live in their studio, as well as a monthly raffle where will be giving away prints, books, and even original art!

We are also offering a very special reward for our highest tier of patrons... A personalized, monthly critique from one of our members, complete with a paintover.

This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring professionals looking to expand their skills by receiving professional feedback on a piece of art they are currently working on.

This reward, however, is quite time-consuming for our members to provide, so we only offering 3 critiques a month. Those who are interested should not delay.

So please, take a look at our Patreon page HERE, and do what you can to help. Even if that help is simply spreading the word, we sincerely appreciate it.


  1. For daily inspiration, year after year, a small contribution is a no-brainer for me! Thanks for all you do, Muddy Colors!

  2. Thank you for all that you do and the opportunity to give back!

  3. Super excited for the chance to give back to Muddy Colors! Thank you for everything <3

  4. YES awesome! I'm happy for the opportunity to see you all expand and a chance as a fan who has benefited from the blog's advice to help out in some small way. I've backed with $1 for now, but can hopefully pitch in more in the future. Good luck with this!

  5. you guys are the best. Thank you.

  6. Do you mind elaborating on the critique tier? Is it a skype call or just a paint over? Will Dan Dos Santos be conducting all of the critiques?

    Thanks (:

    1. It's via email... commentary and attached jpg. And No, I will not be doing all of them.

  7. Dear muddy colors, I love your website, and I will consider contributing to your patreon if you please add an option to follow your website by email. The current options you have for automatic notifications are outdated (netvibes and yahoo?). I currently have to use a third party program to have your blog updates notify me that youve made a new post, and this third party program is starting to demand payment for this innocuous service. So please fix that! There is a very simple way to add a "follow by email" option to blogs found here: http://blogger-hints-and-tips.blogspot.com/2011/03/follow-by-email-gadget-easy-way-to-add.html
    Thank you.

    1. I have added the 'subscribe by email' option in the sidebar for you. Many new changes will be coming with the advent of an updated site very soon, including easier ways to follow us.


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