Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Labyrinth Show

By Justin Gerard

Gallery Nucleus is having a tribute show for the 30th Anniversary of Labyrinth. The show is a celebration of the cult classic film and is in memory of David Bowie. It opens September 17th at 7pm. 

A wide variety of artists are contributing works inspired by the film and Henson's truly amazing puppets. It promises to be a very interesting show. 

I always love seeing artists contribute work along a single theme. They are a great way of discovering new interpretations of a familiar story. They let us see the subject again, but now through the eyes of someone else who also loved it but may have taken something entirely different away from it when they first experienced it. It might reveal to us a way of looking at it we never considered, or might simply remind us why we loved it in the first place. 

Here is a small selection of some of the works already finished for the show:  

"None May Pass" by Annie Stegg Gerard

"Ludo" by Cuddly Rigor-Mortis

Bill Robinson

"Ludo" By Cory Godbey

"Tally Ho!" by Heather Franzen

Goblin's Bane by Justin Gerard

For more information, check out Gallery Nucleus.

Also, if you haven't already, check out Cory Godbey's post on his book Labyrinth Tales which will also be making an appearance at the show!


  1. So much brilliant work here - bravo!

  2. I'm intrigued by the colour labels on Justin's palette. Might there be a past/future post about this?

    1. Ha! Well, it isn't too mysterious. They are just the names for the paints on there. I use Daniel Smith paints and a lot of them have quite inventive names. (Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Serpentine Geniune, Moonglow, Zoisite) This just lets me know what color to refill the bay with when it runs out.

      Though I suppose maybe I could maybe do a post on it at some point if there is enough interest. I do have several colors that are specific blends of a few other colors to make a very specific shade. (I've got a green umber recipe that is reeeeal nice)

  3. Beautiful work!

    ...But I seriously don't get the fascination with this movie. Having never seen it before I sat down with my family very recently to watch it for the first time, and we shut it off before we even got half way through! IT IS UNWATCHABLE! Terrible!

    Being a fan of both David Bowie and Jim Henson I must say I was a little heartbroken. Oohhh, the possibilities!


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