O is for Oz

-By Arnie Fenner

Above: From Shel Silverstein's classic, Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book.

Summer is officially over; students are back in school and working artists are back at the drawing board or Wacom, as the case may be (if they ever left). In the past months I've met with a number of artists, young and seasoned, at various events and sat on several arts panels at the World Science Fiction Convention in August so I thought I'd talk about a very few of the career topics that have been discussed. Much will probably be familiar to long-time MC readers, but there are always new people embarking on their careers every year and some of these observations may be fresh and helpful. I'll do my best to keep it brief.

Above: Zachary Sawyer created this nice poster pointing out the variety of art careers.

Visit his Deviant Art page to see more of his work.

This is very scattershot, I know. Panels are usually about 50 minutes and though they frequently get derailed by one thing or another, there are almost always a few insights that emerge. They should never be considered the end of a conversation, but rather the beginning.

And, considering the subject, this is another chance to again suggest young artists watch Anthony Moorman's and Woody Hinton's documentary, Making It, for an honest examination of what it takes to be an artist these days. You'll be glad you did.

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