A Few More Thoughts on Collecting

-By Arnie Fenner

Above: The pen & ink Conan drawing by George Barr that's in our collection.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I sat on several business-oriented panels at the World Science Fiction Convention, but I also participated in a panel titled "Collecting Art: Having Something Unique in an Age of Mass Production." Convention panels tend to be freewheeling rather than tightly organized and always include a lot of asides, particularly when members of the audience pitch in with questions and opinions, so of course we strayed a bit from the original topic. Dr. John Tibbetts, Edie Stern, and Robin Wayne Bailey. were my fellow panelists and here are a few of the extremely random things discussed.

Above: There are only around 5 or 6 pieces in Cathy's and my collection that we
purchased at auction or from a collector or dealer. The rest were bought directly
from the artists, like Phil Hale's "Constantine" painting on the left and
Dan dos Santos' "Dragon Empress" on the right.

Above: Android Jones' digital art is successfully finding collectors in the
gallery market. And would I like to own his giant "Mother" one-of print that hung
in the second Spectrum Exhibition in New York. Damn right I would.

Above: Schoonover to the left, Frazetta to the right, what's not to like?
If anyone took anything away from the panel I hope it was this: Don't let anybody tell you what to like. Don't let anybody sneer at you for what you take pleasure in. Your taste in art—the artist, the subject, the style, technique, or form they're showcased in—is a reflection of you and your interests and is all that matters. Don't be intimidated by any pretentious posturing or prattle by others. Everybody else can go hang as long as what you collect , what you love, makes you happy.

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