Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2017 Rising Stars : Call for Entries

All of us at Muddy Colors take great pride in calling ourselves educators and are dedicated to helping foster the next generation of Fantasy Artists. Helping young artists succeed is not just about education, but also about helping them get the exposure they need in order to get the jobs they want.  In order to help facilitate this, we are proud to announce this year's 'Muddy Colors: Rising Stars' Showcase.

Thanks to the funds raised on our Patreon Page from our readers like you, Muddy Colors is able to purchase a full sized booth at the upcoming Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in Kansas City. We will be donating this display space, completely free of charge, to 3 lucky would-be illustrators.

You can have your painting hang in a professional setting, for thousands to see, right alongside other industry professionals... and it won't cost you a thing! There is no fee to submit, no fee to exhibit, and no commission will be taken should your painting sell. The only cost to you is getting yourself and your painting to the convention and back. You will even get a free badge for the whole event, just like any other exhibitor.

All you have to do is apply!

Here is how to submit:
-Send an email to:
-In the header, place the subject: Muddy Colors: Rising Stars 2017
-ATTACH scans of 3 different works that you think represent you as an artist (no more than 1400 pixels on the longest side length).
-In the email, also include: Your full name, a phone number, and medium/dimension info for the attached image.
-Deadline for Submission is December 1, 12:00 am EST
A panel of Muddy Colors contributors will view all the entires, and select their four favorite pieces for inclusion. We will personally contact the winners no later than December 31st. Those three winners will receive a full size booth to share amongst themselves this April.

This showcase is open to artists from any country, and artworks of ANY medium. However, the only stipulation is that there must be a physical piece of art to hang. That means if you work digitally, you will need to print, and frame your work in a professional manner. Please be certain you are capable of framing and your work and attending the convention prior to submitting.

Good luck to you all!


  1. this is so amazing! thank you for giving us this oportunity! back to the easle now...

  2. This is a great opportunity. Is there a definition for who Muddy Colors considers a "young artist" or rising star? I know for examples Spectrum has a rising star award and you have to have been working professionally for under a certain number of years if I'm not mistaken...

    1. No real prerequisite. And 'young' refers to their professional status, not age. We've had people in their 60s win.

  3. This is such a wonderful opportunity! You guys are doing some real good with this blog (and the new Patreon).

    I have a couple of questions, as I'm considering turning in my art for this.

    - When you say all we are responsible for is getting ourselves to the location, do you mean that hotel fees are covered as well?

    - What disqualifies an artist from being 'lesser known'? For example, I published a book via a mass market publisher back in 2011. Does this mean that I am too well known, even if this book was very niche?

    Even if I'm not eligible, I'm style hyped for this. It's always exciting to see what amazing new artists and art await discovery through Rising Stars!

    1. There's no real rules. If you read this blog, you can submit. The judges will however take into consideration where a contender stands professionally when deciding who would most benefit from it.

      And sadly, no, we do not cover hotel expenses. We cover the convention space and admission costs.

    2. Good to know, Dan. Thanks for the response! I'm going to finish up my current in-progress piece and then send my entry along to you guys. Sounds like it doesn't hurt to try!

  4. Quick question. All the pieces that currently represent where I'm at as an artist, will be for sale at an event this weekend. "If" I was selected, but the piece had since sold, would I be able to create another piece for the Spectrum event? Or should I not enter if my pieces may not be available?

    1. It is about seeing the quality of your work, not what will specifically be available. So no worries.

  5. Oh no! I missed this one. I have looked every year to see if you still have it, missed it by a week. :(


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