Monday, January 16, 2017

Monster and a Lady

-By Jesper Ejsing

This here is an illustration I did for a charity project at Emerald City Comeic convention. The theme was very simple. A monster and a Lady.

My first idea was to draw a giant, eating a lady like she was a snack, but I had trouble showing the giants face, since the lady covered up all the good parts I wanted to paint in the facial areas.

I sketched a Falconeer-like barbarian girl with 2 dragons on her shoulders and even started painting it before it started to bore me. Mostly because it was more or less just a girl with dragons: No story no setting or anything.

Then came an idea  to create a scene of a woman being attacked by a forest wurm. But; I wanted the scene to be an everyday in the forest scene. She, ofcause is almost naked, only barely wearing a fur bikini. Not because I am an old fart who only likes to paint naked woman, but because the large amount of skin seems tender to the huge teeth of the wurm and enhances the drama...
...and I like to paint half naked women.

I gave her a knife so that we would have a certain uncertainty to the outcome of the scene.

The two things I had most fun doing, was the reflected colors of her skintone and the twist and turns of the wurms body.

Pencil Sketch

The wurm I chose to have cirkular mindless eyes to create a figure of rage and also cos I wanted the woman to be able to outsmart it. If it was too cunning the outcome was just her about to get eaten. I gave it some body parts resempling leaves and chose the colors of the skin to be liek the forest around it, to make certain that we knew it was the wurms turf. She is the intruder here, and what ever happens is because she came to close.


  1. It's so good to see the differences between your professional work and a more personal illustration, where there is more freedom. The narrative and composition are excellent as always! Very good work!

  2. Great example of developing an idea and adding more story! Thanks for sharing the progression.

  3. Damn Jesper you continually one up yourself such great movement yet again but what I feel is actually even more amazing then usually is the brushwork n handling in the background. Your lighting has got way better a lot more small colour temperature variations. If Pixar did a fantasy film theyd need to hire you


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