Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SmArt School with Greg Manchess, September 13th

--Greg Manchess

To pull a person into your image for the split-second opportunity you have to capture their attention, you need mad skills to do it. Skill is not automatic and must be learned. Learned through hard training.

And training takes focus.

My SmArt School online class starts up again this September 13th! For 15 weeks we are going to focus on just how that’s done. Over and over again, on each of your paintings, I will guide you to understand depth, value, contrast, line, overlapping, light, and lots more, including paint mixing, and application. Building an image a level at a time, working your way to the finish. With every piece.

I’m not talking about technique either. I’m talking about learning to use each of the principles above to build powerful composition, and composition, used well, will give you concept. Not the other way around.

That’s right. I doubt you’ve ever heard that before. Learn to design good concepts by understanding powerful composition first. In my class, over the course of the Autumn semester, you will learn more about composition than you even thought possible. It takes 100% focus, but the simple principles are easy to understand.

It’s just the massive dedication you might stumble over. But then, you knew that…right?

Join me this Fall and we’ll step our way through it together. We have a great time, and if you want more of an idea about my teaching, listen to what this student said about my class. (scroll down)

Find out how focused training can give you the skills to produce the paintings you want.


  1. If only it was at an hour that worked for people with 8-5's, I'd have signed up a long time ago.

  2. Too bad this is not offered during off hours.

  3. Thanks, guys...I needed that input. Hadn't really thought of that until an IMC student mentioned it this year.
    I would love to provide that. Let me figure something out for one of the coming semesters.
    Thanks again,

  4. I can't say enough great things about Greg's class (as well as Marc, Rebecca and the whole SmArt School setup). I've studied under Greg for nearly two years now, and it's made a truly huge impact on my art and my life as an artist. The depth of Greg's experience, coupled with the fun, friendly, open nature of the classes creates an exciting and motivating learning space. Opportunities in the art/design world to sit next to this kind of fire are rare and valuable.

    It was very hard for me to forego this term, but I'm now concentrating putting it all into practice (head is still spinning from how much I learned), and already some good doors are opening to me.

    If you have the chance to take these classes - do it! It's just too damned good to miss...

    ps - as a European student, Greg's current time slot was also one of the few that worked for me for after-hours study, so there's that aspect to consider.


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