Friday, December 17, 2010

Something old, something...

By Jon Foster

Several years ago, I was working in Italy at a small studio that had big aspirations and innovative ideas. The film was called Dear Anne, which was a new and inovative account of Anne Frank’s life . Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the project could not be completed. The Director was Dario Picciau, a very young, idealistic, and talented man. To my great joy he involved me in almost all creative story-telling aspects of the film. Initially, we discussed the scenes at length in his office, and then later I was given the task of creating storyboards for the film. I still think fondly of the time sitting at my computer in Milan pouring over manuscript and trying to think like a director as well as an illustrator. I am still proud of this work. Actually, I think it is some of my best work. Below are some of my efforts…I hope you enjoy them as well.

Oh, and by the way, storyboarding is like boot camp for drawing!!!


  1. What a shame that this film was never completed—hopefully one day it will be. Thanks for sharing these, Jon!

  2. Man, what a project. Maybe just finish it as a graphic novel. I can tell you I'd love to see that.

  3. Cool stuff, Jon! A lot of detail for what must've been tight deadlines.

  4. Sadly it often ends up like that here in Italy... :-P Great storyboards.

  5. Awesome storyboards, Jon! That really is a shame this film never came to a finish, i'm intrigued by what you've shown and would've loved to see how this developed. Thanks for sharing em with us

  6. Oh wow, does that take me back. I remember when you were working on this and it sounded so intriguing. Time passed and I forgot about this, thanks for the fond reminder.

  7. Every time I see these, I'm blown away. Great work, Jon. I miss you being in Florida (even if it was only for a couple of weeks)!

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