Thursday, February 3, 2011

Head Down. Painting and Drawing.

I do not have much to talk about these days but 'work', in all its various stages. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your career is stop taking in influences, stop searching for that wonderful euphoric feeling of inspiration, and lock the door to the studio and create the art that is dear to your heart. Our entire livelyhood is based upon what we do, what real results come from our actions, not what we say we will do. I have never met an art director, collector, or client who will hire you based upon your potential. It is always about what you have already created in your own work. So push those boundaries which takes you closer to your dream commission. Don't visit Facebook today, stop reading this, and get to work in the studio making the art you want to be known for. Donato The Phial of Galadriel 9 x 12" Drawing in one of the limited edition copies of Middle-Earth: Visions of A Modern Myth Private commission: Silk Road final art 25" x 34" Dawn of the Whydah gallery painting still in progress, 4' x 7'


  1. Had not seen 'Dawn Of The Whydah' before. Wow.

  2. Amazing advice with the most beautiful art. Thanks so much Donato! :D <3

  3. Not since The Great Mr. Parks
    have I heard such honest Inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I needed to read this. Thanks Donato. I'm signing off now.

  5. My creative pendulum constantly swings between finding inspiration out there, and searching for what is unique within - you have just pushed it over to the internal for the next few weeks. Thanks

  6. As I'm shackled at my Joe job, I can't directly heed your advise. I do think a collector may be inclined to buy an artist's work based on the artists potential. The work still has be good, but I think you can see a trajectory in someone else's work, if someone is working really hard, you see that progress happening before your eyes, piece by piece. Just a topic of discussion I thought I'd throw out there.

  7. "..stop reading this..."

    That's kind of like putting a plate of fresh, hot, golden brown, Maine blueberry pancakes, covered with real maple syrup and a melting piece of butter dripping down the side, a thick slice of canadian bacon, fresh squeezed orange juice with condensation on the glass, and a frothing Mocha latte covered with chocolate dust in front of someone and saying here eat this plain, skim yogurt instead ...

    I am a weak man so I indulged and looked at the sketches and painting wip. I also know what to have for dinner now... to help me do the Art work.


  8. Great advice. Thanks for this.

  9. I feel that I'm violating your intent by posting this, but the first WIP for your gallery painting is better than my finished work. I guess it's not really finished then.

    This is great advice and something I have been slowly coming to. It's easy to see without, but tough to see within. That and what we see is usually finished.

  10. trying to photograph that must have been tough.

  11. I Agree 100%, I have doing that, and I have being producing much more.:)


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