Friday, February 25, 2011


Born in Kyoto in 1972, Odani Motohiko studied sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts and Music.  Since graduating, he's had at least 7 major exhibitions to his name, most recently 'Phantom Limb', which is currently on display at the Mori Art Museum in Japan. The exhibition, which has been up since late November will be coming down this weekend. The exhibition is already scheduled to travel to two more museums, though as far as I know there are no plans for it to leave Japan as of yet.

The sculptures seen below are all part of the current exhibition. Despite my research, I have absolutely no idea how some of these have been created, as their medium is simply listed as "mixed media".


  1. There's an eerie sense of mysticism in these that I absolutely love... Thanks for posting!

  2. i just read an article somewhere (i am at a loss for where) about a designer using a CNC machine to cut thin plastic into crazy clothes otherwise not possible to create by hand. maybe there's some employment of that tech here. the amount of work in the show and the vast intricacy of the work alludes to some digital aid.

  3. @Aaron:
    I was thinking the same thing. That. or some 3D printing technique is being implemented in the bone looking pieces.

  4. Like a dis?

    I was thinking also that the strands that are everywhere might have been constructed individually by hand and attached to the main sculpt later.

    Plus if they're listed as mixed media who's to say they aren't made of bronze and painted white?

  5. Was digging around after reading this (the art teacher in me couldn't help it) this morning. Found an interview with Odani that mentions that the pieces, at least some of them, are created with resin. Really wild and wonderful stuff though, the white pieces almost have the look of porcelain.

    Here's the link to the interview:


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