Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spotlight On: JORDU SCHELL

I first saw Jordu Schell's work after a bunch of friends returned from Illuxcon raving about his sculptures. I checked out his website, and quickly saw what all the fuss was about.

Jordu creates amazingly life-like sculptures of monsters and aliens, mostly for pre-production use in movies. If you think you haven't seen his work, you're probably wrong. His film credits include Hellboy, Aliens vs. PredatorPlanet of the Apes, Men in Black, and the much acclaimed Avatar, for which he was Lead Sculptor.

I could talk all day about how good Jordu's work is, but it's much easier to just tell you to look at his SITE. It is chock full of hundreds of sculptures, progress pics, and even videos showing his process (like the one below). 

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop Jordu conducted here in CT, and it was honestly one of the most inspiring things I've done in a long time. Not only was it wonderful to get a chance to experiment with a new medium, but I got to see Jordu create a completely sculpted and painted bust in just a few days. I don't think a single person left there who was not completely awestruck at his capabilities. If any of you in the NY/CT area and are interested in seeing him in action, he is conducting another workshop this July. It is a limited class size, so sign up soon. For more information click here:


  1. These are beautiful, the amount of detail is amazing. His website is full of amazing sculptures and it is something that would be amazing to see. You are very lucky to have gotten the chance to attend a workshop. I am currently sulking in jealously.

    Maybe you have heard of Philippe Faraut, if you haven't I know you will love his work. The website is below if you want to check him out.

  2. Cool demo-- It's fun to see how his knowledge of anatomy informs even the roughest buildup of volume. The back of the creature's neck is sculpted anatomically even though the deeper layers of muscle become obscured by later ones. Although the grade of clay is hard to discern because of the time lapse, it appears to be softer than one would normally use at that scale.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Dan. :) It's going to be another killer workshop, and this time we have two weeks of offerings!

  4. @ Gary:

    Jordu uses WED clay at all scales.

  5. Jordu Schnell is awesome! I first was introduced to his work through a horror mask making magazine that I bought primary on the kick assness of Jordu's work. That's where I learned about using a layer of epoxy over the eyes of my puppet sculpts to give them that twinkle of life in their eyes- it really set things off in the most amazing way! :)

  6. Wow, thanks Dan for the introduction, to yet another great artist! :D


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