Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eowyn and the Nazgul... REMINDER!

If you guys haven't been keeping up with the Eowyn challenge, you're missing out!

We are just about half way through the deadline, and the first round of crits starts tomorrow. If you haven't started yet, it's not too late! You still have today to get a rough sketch in for critique.

Go over to Art Order now, and take a peek at what you've been missing:

Painting by Craig J Spearing


  1. Are we required to submit rough sketches in order to participate? I only ask because I have finals today and tomorrow but hey if we have to then I'll make it work somehow. Thanks.

  2. Craig is knocking out some class! :)

  3. I've already committed myself to the direction I intend to go(made my maquette and all). If the sketch crit was earlier, things may have been different(I work in oils, and I have a day job).

    Perhaps it would be wise if there is a future joint challenge, crits could be done at the end/durring the first week?

  4. @Andrew:
    You can still submit. Even if it's an incomplete piece 2 days before the final deadline, we will consider it all the same. No need to submit a sketch if you don't want.

    I understand, the painting phase obviously demands more time. Submit anyways, and we will crit the piece at the stage it is in. If it's oils, we obviously won't be suggesting you flop things.

  5. Thanks Dan, I'm not sure if I've bitten off more than I can chew on this one regarding the time frame. I do intend to finish the piece come what may. I'm doing for my own personal improvement more than for anything else.



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