Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eowyn and the Nazgul Challenge Judging

By - Jesper Ejsing
It is a great honor for me to announce the final judging of the Artorder challenge: Eowyn and the Nazgul.

Congratulations to Craig J. Spearing. A well deserved first place.

It is a very interesting to read how many images have been chosen by the same judges and which ones are chosen by only one or some. It proves that, while there is definitely something called personal taste and interest, you cannot argue against quality ( If only you could, I would set my painting pace to sloppy fast and be filthy rich ).
I am only now waiting in excitement for the next Artorder challenge.


  1. No surprise to be honest, from the first draft of his submission I knew he´d win. Awesome work!

  2. This was my fave as well, but I have to say I liked it better in B&W, the atmoshere was more threatening. Still is still a great piece however, even in color ;) congrats.

  3. can we get an image link to a bigger/better image?

  4. Here's a larger version:

  5. Congrats to Craig! Like fantasio posted, I knew from that first draft sketch that he would be in the finals, if not the outright winner. FanTAStic piece.

  6. Congratulations to Craig and the other finalists, and good job to everyone who entered! Big thanks to the world-class judges -- I don't know what other area of the arts or life where this kind of opportunity would be possible. Very nice of you guys.

  7. Congratulations, Craig - it's a stunning piece, and you must be rightfully proud! Personally, I'm still nonplussed at being a finalist in such an amazing field of submissions, but even so I want to thank the judges (and especially Muddy Colors crew) for putting so much time and thought into the challenge.

    It's quite intimidating to think of that list of names pondering your work, and even more so to be doing it in comparison to 159 heartfelt and wonderful efforts from your peers. Thanks again for a fantastic and inspiring event!

  8. Thanks for the comments! And a huge thanks to the Muddies for all the critiques and invaluable insight. This was the biggest challenge I've seen so far on ArtOrder, with an incredible line up, and it's an honor to be selected among so many amazing images.

    I really hope the Muddy Colors gang decides to jump in on future challenges. Thanks again!

  9. Congrats to Craig!

    Any chance of coaxing some of the Muddy Colors masters to comment on one of the entries? (nudge nudge, wink wink)

  10. Truly amazing work. Quality to aspire to!

  11. I also knew it was a winner from the draft. Just goes to show how much of an important role design and composition plays in a successful piece. Before even thinking about color/Technique.


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