Monday, June 13, 2011

Now I REALLY Wish I Was There!

Irene Gallo has posted the first batch of photos from the first two days of the Illustration Master Class. She also Tweeted this tidbit: "Watching Iain McCaig act out all of Star Wars"—which sounds like the perfect programming event for Iain next year at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!, if you ask me.


  1. I have to find a way to go next year, there is just too much knowledge floating around that place, and I need some.

  2. The first day of the IMC is just an amazing day of critiques. At the IMC2010 there was no way to stop watching, listening and learning. It was just simply a great day. But if you think that's the highlight... nope, that's just the nitro to get your creative engine going for the next week.

    I'm still learning from IMC 2010, been taking this week to listen to all the audio recordings I have, reviewing notes, made a trip to the Normand Rockwell Museum Saturday, and hope to do a visit this coming Friday afternoon to Amherst College - I think they are having the open studio at IMC2011?

    The good news for those who can't make it is Muddy Colors, James Gurney's blog, Drawn Today, lines and colors, and others have carried on the same spirit and energy... [Thank you very much all].

    Cheers, Mike


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