Friday, July 22, 2011

Almost Done

by Eric Fortune

I have two pieces in the upcoming group show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery next month.  And surprise surprise I'm still scrambling to wrap up my second piece.  I've been making good progress and for the last week or so I've been telling myself "ok, should be able to wrap this up in the next day or two".  But this time, seriously, I think in the next day or two I should have this done.

Below are some details of where I'm at with the piece.  I need to add a little more value and depth to the drapery around the figure.  The shaping of the drapery from the neck up was vaguely meandering a bit and didn't quite flow right.  So I've been deciding where the fabric should fold, flap, open up, or fade into the background etc.  Can be a little tricky when painting transparently.  I think it's pretty much nailed down at this point.  I've been making a lot of lateral changes.  That is to say, depending on who you ask it may be better or not or just different.  Of course I feel the changes are worthy but sometimes I wonder if it's worth the time being so nit picky.  Drifting from my reference too much can be a challenge to maintain a sense of realism and cohesiveness.  However, it's probably some of the more enjoyable(What!?  Painting isn't always enjoyable???) parts of painting as well.  Not knowing exactly what's going to happen and then finding your way...most of the time.

I also plan on adding some gray aqua greenish algae on the branches which should make for nice accents of color.  That application will have to be a little more opaque.  Perhaps I could soften the edges of some of the outermost branches to provide more of a focal point in the center, darken the edge of the fabric where it meets the background, detail the hands, a subtle shift in color as the figure moves from shadow to light, add a little more cow bell...  Yeah, definitely one or two more days.


  1. Love these posts, Fortune. Keep it up.

  2. You must have the patience of a saint to paint like this. So much planning ahead, and not making mistakes.
    Good luck with your show.

  3. Wondering if the addition of aqua/blue greenish algae is intentional (aside from color choice) to the meaning of the painting, as blue green algae can cause negative health effects.

  4. Anonymous- Interesting. We all project our own interpretation based on our personal experiences and perspective. For someone else algae could also represent part of a solution. Admittedly, the narrative and symbolism to much of my work is more generalized. I tend to be drawn to work that has a sense of mystery and is more open to interpretation. This likely has influenced my own work as well.


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