Monday, July 4, 2011

DC Redesign

by Arnie Fenner

Anyone that follows comics knows that DC got the industry (and collectors) buzzing when they announced they would relaunch all of their titles, tossing out past continuity and starting every title over with issue #1. Controversial? Sure. Fun? Could be.

Though undoubtedly many of the iconic characters like Batman, Superman, etc. will remain virtually unchanged when the new #1s premiere, there's also certain to be all kinds of tweaking—if not total redesigns—of this character or that book, all supervised by Design V.P. (and kick-ass artist in his own right) Mark Chiarello. And part of that tweaking includes logo designs: DC has unveiled several and, I gotta say, I'm impressed!


  1. I'm sure you already know about him, but maybe other readers don't. Todd Klein, logo designer extraordinaire has a logo study section in his blog.

  2. Cool!

    Just read the article in ImagineFX magzine featuring your comments on Post-Graduate experience, thank you for the advice!! :)

  3. As the creator of my own independent comics series, I feel compelled to give my own two cents.

    This is exactly the reason why I stopped reading superhero comics. They've become WAAAAAY too cliche! They're always killing off and then resurrecting characters. Plus they've rebooted their continuities once before. Superheroes are just too formulaic for my tastes.

  4. @Max:
    Don't you think it's necessary to reboot a series after a while? Some of these characters have been around for DECADES. Personally, I like to see re-imaginings of old stories. It's like hearing a new band cover your favorite song.


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