Thursday, September 22, 2011


-By Justin Sweet

Working on THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER was one of my favorite experiences in film design. I got to work with 2 of my closest buddies on a project that was dear to me. This was one of my favorite Narnia books. The director, Michael Apted was great to work for. Our office was right next to his, and he would come in daily to see what we would draw up.  Great fun this one. One of these days when I update my website, I'll post all the stuff i did for this project. Today I'll post my Dufflepuds. Briefly, these characters were dwarves that had been transformed by a wizard named Coriakin into monopods, -one legged. I've always loved drawing dwarves, and drawing one legged ones with one huge foot were just to cool to pass up. Here are a few that I did...


  1. Oh my god! I almost feel bad for them, but they seem happy enough.. Cool designs!

  2. Cool stuff!

    I watched the movie like two months ago and was halted when I saw the two paintings in the Captains cabin - were they yours? I am SURE I have seen them somewhere before. I ogled the end credits to find out who's made them, saw your name and was stoked (told my girlfriend "I know who that guy is" trying to be all cool and "in the scene" and she was like "a-ha", not very impressed at all...) Bugger.

    Anyhow, you don't have them on your website but it must've been your doings, now that I look at this stuff again. Greatness!

  3. Excellent characters, Justin! Wonderfully suggestive!

  4. You should absolutely update your website one of these days. Even if it's with the stuff from this project alone, it would make my day.

    And to Hiipi - the paintings in the captain's cabin are by Min Yum as far as I know, but I wouldn't mind Justin confirming.

  5. Wow, thanks so much for posting these Justin. I really love the Narnia books & it's always been a dream of mine to illustrate them. The films have been amazing, and your work on them has been stunning. I hope that the films are continued and that you can add your creative touch to the rest of the books!

    I would add to Hiipi's comment that the interior paintings on the ship immediately caught my eye - any input on that would be appreciated.


  6. These things are creepy. Don't know if that what you were going for. Anyway, good job.

  7. How fun. Ever since I watched the movie, I wanted to ask someone who did the concept art for the island that the dufflepuds lived on. Were you, or anyone else of you guys, were inspired by James Christensen's art for that island? I can't help but notice the resemblance.

    Now, excuse me, I have to take a look of those paintings in the captain's cabin.


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