Sunday, October 16, 2011

Illustration Master Class 2012

The Illustration Master Class for 2012, is now open for enrollment!

I must honestly get asked a hundred times a year what the best workshops and conventions are for an aspiring illustrator to attend. Without fail, the first letters out of my mouth are always I...M...C. And although I do think everyone would benefit from the class, not everyone can go. As a means of assuring quality instruction, the class size is very limited... usually capping off well below 100 people.

Enrollment for the 2012 class just opened a few days ago, and IMC founder, Rebecca Guay, told me on Friday that it is already filling up WAY faster than previous years. To give you a rough idea, the June 2011 class was booked up by Christmas.

Some of the guest instructors have already been announced, and it looks like it is again going to be a sensational year. So if you've been debating going, I implore you to go over to the IMC website right now, and reserve your spot. There is also a discount for early enrollment!


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  2. by christams???
    guess I won't be going next year. I wish they would start this, oh around tax return season?

    guess now that I know, I'll prep my monies over the summer for the next one

  3. I think I died a little when I realized I can't attend this.

  4. Dan, how about geting BROM to write on this blog? That would be like, the best thing in the universe.

  5. Agree with the above...also, can we get this image as a poster somewhere? :D

  6. @Dominus: I invited Brom to be a member of the blog when I started it a year ago, but he was just too busy. I might be able to wrangle a guest post out of him though.

  7. This is definitely worth saving up for, but if I have a chance to reserve a spot at all, it will be after the early bird special is over. :(

  8. ADAM REX????? OMG.

    Times like this I really RESENT being poor...and totally screwed over by the economy collapse...and poor. :(

  9. Don't feel so bad. During these times i am living with my parents in so-cal and as far as i know there is nothing like these courses out here. Unemployed yet all of the desire in the world to become an Illustrator. Thing is due to my circumstances i am stuck.


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