Sunday, October 9, 2011


The following music video was recommended to me this weekend, and touted as being the moving equivalent of a Sam Weber painting. Sure enough, the video is pure eye candy, and evokes a wonderful mood that any SFF illustrator is sure to appreciate.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the musician, Woodkid, was an illustrator at one point in his career.


  1. awesome cinematography. looks like it was shot with a RED.

  2. A bit like watching Mr. Manchess' "Lord of Chaos" in action... really gorgeous...

  3. Number of plays in my apartment has reached three digits.

  4. Wow! What a great concept, what artistry! Great marketing, too. According to his interview on Antares Cryptos, Woodkid wants to keep the meaning of the story and symbols secret until his next video. The music is great, too, although the lyrics are somewhat cryptic. Some sort of remote war scenario, with deeper symbolism.

    The frozen final frames focusing on the LDS (Mormon) temple in Switzerland, minus the statue on the highest spire -- I wonder what that's about? He definitely got my curiosity up. Looking forward to video #2.

    Thanks for posting, Dan.

  5. Why is a horse rearing up in slow motion so damn awesome!?

  6. Good eyes @Les, I thought it was an LDS temple, it reminded me of the one in Rexburg, Idaho. But I wasn't certain about it. Then I looked up some images and you were spot on. I'm with you about looking forward to seeing the next one.

    Thanks Dan, if you come across the next one, please post! Keep up the good work.

  7. This song is my favourite!!!! But I think the Assessins' Creed revelation trailer fit this song better!


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