Death Mark - Dark Sun Painting

-Justin Sweet

This is a painting I did for Wizards of the Coast which was a redo (on my decision) of an earlier one that I felt wasn't what I was after. It ended up being way too late, so the former made it in. I'm still glad I re- painted it. I had to settle it. I think I painted this one 3 times.. I took some gritty photos of some of the stages. You'll notice in the early stage that I painted this on a canvas that had a drawing of The White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Final painting is 45x32.

This painting is currently on display at the Nucleus gallery.

Original sketch

                                                                            Digital study
                                                                      See the Witch?

Here's the photo from the gallery, a bit contrasty. Lost some air. 

Thanks for looking.