Monday, December 12, 2011

MC Crew Gift Ideas

More gift ideas from the Muddy Colors Crew.

Here are a few last minute gift ideas from the Muddy ColorsCrew. Yes - we are blantly promoting our stuff...

Donato Giancola's  

Dan Dos Santos DVD Creating a book cover: “Warbreaker” for Tor Books

Petar Meseldzija’s 

John Jude Palencar’s  


  1. All I need is origins out of that list. =D

  2. Have Donato's book, its incredible. Petar's book is on the way. Failed to add it the basket, but there is one more which looks intriguing: Source Of Imagination - Sketches / Bron Van Verbeelding

  3. Got 'em all already... Christmas is kind of an all year round see it buy it kind of thing... I'm lucky I had enough gas to get home from Illuxcon!

  4. I have to highly recommend "David Grove: An Illustrated Life" which can be found at See my post about it a couple of weeks ago.

    Gorgeous reproductions of his work, with an in-depth autobiography like none you've ever read from an illustrator. This is the kind of art book you really WANT to read.

    It's a beautiful, tasteful, inch-thick volume of his best.

  5. 4 Down; 1 to go. I agree with Greg. Grove's book arrived yesterday and it has succeeded in keeping me from my work for at least two hours.

  6. Thank you for this list! I wasn't aware of those great books! Straight to my wishlist they go


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