Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Upcoming Appearances and Events

-Dan dos Santos

February is a particularly busy month for me, and I thought some of it may be of interest to you guys as well.

This Friday, February 3rd, I am headed to the Society of Illustrators to attend their Annual Book and Editorial opening. This is one of the Society's largest openings and showcases the year's best work in those categories. The event is open to the public, and is jam packed with your favorite artists. Aside from being really fun, it's an amazing opportunity to see hundreds of original works of art.

On display will be the original art for 'White Trash Zombie', which is the first time I have shown it publicly. Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE.

Next week, on February 7th, I will be giving a lecture at Western Connecticut State University. The lecture is open to the public, and is free to attend. I plan show the early beginnings of my works, and outline my path to becoming a professional illustrator. More info HERE.

The following day, February 8th, following a class lecture a SVA, I will be a guest on Sam Weber's radio show 'Your Dreams, My Nightmares'. The show airs at 8pm, and you can listen live on WSVA's website. The interview will later be available as a free download via iTunes.

Photo © Marcos Chin
Shortly after, on Saturday February 11th, I will be partaking in Last Rites Gallery's Art Fusion Experiment. Similar to Art Out Loud, this event consists of dozens of artists collaborating to create a single piece of art. A lot of top names in the pop/surrealism gallery scene will be there, and if you aren't familiar with Paul Booth's gallery, it's a sight to behold! Drinking, drawing, and ton of talented folk. It should be really fun, and is totally free to attend.

Last, but not least, I will be Artist Guest of Honor at this year's Boskone, a SFF convention in Boston. The convention runs from February 17th-19th, and will be full of art, lectures and painting demos. I will also be displaying more than a dozen original works of art, probably the largest number of my paintings to be publicly displayed in one place to date. More info HERE.

So if you're around any of these areas, please pop in and say 'Hi!' It's always great to meet fellow Muddies.


  1. So much awesome info! Just wanted to say I saw the Book and Ed show @ SI last week and I could not stop looking at your "White Trash Zombie" piece. It is absolutely stunning! Probably my favorite piece in the show.

  2. You've got a hectic schedule for February. Anyway, I haven't been at the show. I hope I could also stare at the "White Trash Zombie" which is your entry. I'm looking forward to visiting the show.

  3. I'm glad to see Last Rites getting some attention. That place always has some interesting work of a darker variety, definately a good change of pace from the general gallery scene.

    1. I totally agree! There are a lot of great pop/surrealism artists that don't seem to get any attention on the East Coast, and Genevive Zacconi, Gallery Director of Last Rites, is doing a great job of showcasing them. The crowd it draws also seems to be a lot friendlier than what I'm used to in the fine arts scene.

  4. Wish I could meet you at the SI opening. My first piece in the book category will be up. Too many trips and not enough time. You will be a Spectrum Live?

    1. I will most definitely be at Spectrum Live! I look forward to seeing you there.

  5. "White Trash Zombie" has some great real estate space @ SI. I checked out the show early this week, it's a knock out!


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