Monday, March 12, 2012

New Jones Film Wesbsite

-by Arnie Fenner Many people know that Maria Cabardo (formerly of WotC and Vertigo) has been working on a documentary film about the late Jeffrey Jones. And, except for a minor tweak here and there...she's completed it. It's edited. It's scored. It's a wrap.
Above Left: Director, Maria Cabardo; Above Right: 'Tarzan', by Jeff Jones.
A new website devoted to Better Things: Life + Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones has just gone live and features film clips, posters, news, and a gallery of Jones' art. But when will audiences have an opportunity to see the entire documentary for the first time? How about May? If plans hold (and, of course, anything can happen in a few months), Better Things will premiere at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! in Kansas City as a remembrance on the first year anniversary of Jeff's passing. I'll share more information as details get hammered out, but definitely visit Maria's website for a first glimpse of what her movie promises.


  1. Nice I cant wait Arnie, thanks for sharing!

  2. Look forward to the film whenever it comes. That's a beautiful poster and logo design. Did you or Cathy design it?

  3. I agree, that is a really suitable poster. I can hardly wait to watch this documentary. Thank you so much for making it!

  4. Jim--
    I wish. John Pinsky designed the poster; I'm not sure if he or Maria designed the logo...

  5. thanks, many thanks
    greetings from Chile

  6. Has the film been released yet? Was it shown at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live?


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