Monday, March 19, 2012

SiDEBAR interview with Eric Fortune

Dwight and Swain over at SiDEBAR just posted a new interview with Eric Fortune.

If you've never listened to this podcast, you're in for a treat. Dwight and Swain really know their stuff, so the interviews tend to delve a little deeper into the subject matter than many others podcasts do. Always informative, always fun.


  1. First Mark and then Eric? They're really reeling in the big fish lately. I can't wait to listen to it. Thanks for the heads up, Dan.

  2. Awesome I would have missed that, thanks!

  3. So, Dan, when can we expect you to appear behind the hallowed Sidebar mic? :)

    For those that don't know about Sidebar, check out the archives. You will be surprised at the names you find there. Dwight and Swain have a real talent for bringing out the 'real' person in an interview. Brilliant stuff.

    1. Who knows. But I am going to be in Atlanta this August for Dragon Con, and I'm really hoping to bump into them there. I've never met any of them, and I believe they are local to the area.

  4. Another endorsement for Sidebar. Their comics and illustration knowledge is impressive, and their love and respect for both comes through in every show. I first found them when I saw they had an interview with Greg Manchess (which is amazing, btw). Sidebar is one of the best podcasts going--you will learn something every episode, and they are funny as hell, too.


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