Saturday, April 7, 2012

Show Opening: The Silmarillion

By Justin Gerard

On April 14, I will be having a show at Gallery Nucleus. The show is based around J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion.

This piece is from the fall of Glorfindel, which is a precursor to a similar event that takes place in the Lord of the Rings, when Gandalf confronts the Balrog in Moria.

Not much is written about this particular scene in the Silmarillion.  In fact, it lasts only 2 lines, which end in: "...And both fell to ruin in the abyss."  But it is one of the things I love a great deal about Tolkien, that he creates such a rich world, that even really brief passages are loaded with possibilities.

The show will feature watercolor paintings as well as studies and developmental drawings. I will be posting more of these in the weeks to come.  For more information on it check out the post on Gallery Nucleus's website.


  1. That is a gorgeous picture. Hell's bells Justin. Love the placement of the sword. The composition, lovely linework. Looked at Gallery Nucleus's website, and if you're going to treat us to the rest in high resolution goodness, I'll love you forever. I want to hoard them onto my hard disk.

    I do hope you'll tell us about your watercolor process in depth some day. I'd love to try the watercolor into possibly digital myself, but I've no idea where to start.

  2. I love the Silmarillion! That's fantastic. So excited this is happening.

  3. Wow, awesome is not good enough a description! You´re an inspiration to all the watercolor guys everywhere.

  4. Amazing work Justin!......That meeting between Carcharoth and Berin posted on the Nucleus site is really great. Like you said, the Silmarillion is such a rich story with so many visuals. Looking forward to the show!

  5. They're all brilliant, Justin, but I especially love the pencil work on that last sketch, particularly in the clouds ...

    By the way, I'm assuming that Dan disabled the Name/URL option for posting comments on MC, but since Blogger has a long-standing bug with people trying to post from Wordpress accounts, I had quite a bit of hassle just trying to comment here. I expect other people who would like to comment are also being blocked.

    Since Blogger is unlikely to ever fix the Wordpress ID bug, is there any chance of the Name/URL option returning?

  6. How exciting! I will definitely have to visit and inspect this up close. :)

  7. Love the drawings on toned paper. Any chance of these finding their way to a show in Greenville? would love to see them in person.

  8. I was at the show tonight - many of the pieces have already been purchase (this particular one by me!) so it's unlikely that any other exhibits will be arranged...


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