Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Silmarillion: Glaurung

-By Justin Gerard

To see more from the Silmarillion project, check out the rest of the show at Gallery Nucleus.


  1. Battle of Unnumbered tears? :D

  2. I've always loved the Silmarillion (even if I have a hell of a time tracking the names) and it is such a joy to see it illustrated! Beautiful work! A little scary that I could pick out each story without reading the titles...
    Thank you for sharing this with us - I wish I could see the show in person!

  3. I really love with all of my hearth this sketch for the silmarillion Justin, the choice of colors and the scene are awesome!
    I really appreciate that your blog takes me these spectacular influences of style.
    You're great!

  4. These pieces are absolutely amazin! I can't wait for the post about The Bridge

  5. Dude. Just stop! I can't take much more of this awesome art stuff. It's killing me!
    Kidding aside this is really amazing. My favorite elements of the scene are the group of guys (elves?) shielding their faces from the blast, and I love the ape influence of your orcs this time around - its a unique touch that adds wildness and an unpredictability to them. Did you intentionally depart from the big ears & noses of the orcs from your Hobbit pieces for a more sinister effect? I think it worked - monkeys freak me out:)

    1. Hey Will,
      Yes, I did take a distinct turn from the goblin look to the orc look in this one. Since this is all ancient history of Middle Earth I liked having them much more primal and ape-like. And I think they would be different than the misty mountain goblins from the Hobbit, which wer much smaller and were characterized with much more personality by Tolkien. But it does get kind of confusing. I think I am going to do an orc line-up one of these days to help myself keep them all straight. There seem to be quite a number of different types of orcs in Middle Earth.

  6. i just got a boner!!!

    can't wait for more,

  7. Just amazing! I really enjoy how you do the colors on watercolour and I in love on how the characters are related, there are compositions that I know I'll never be able to do, specially the orcs, they are just amazing.


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