Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crit-Submit #4, Call for Entries!

I can hardly believe that it's been 8 months since our last Crit-Submit!
I'd say it's about darn time we did it again, don't you?

Crit-Submit #4
Call for entires now open!
Submission deadline: Saturday, May 12th, 12:01 AM EST

We've attracted a lot of new readers since the last Crit-Submit. So for those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, allow me to explain.

The Crit-Submit is a chance for our readers to submit their best piece of art for the chance to receive a very thorough critique from one (or more) of the Muddy Colors contributors. It's a rather unique opportunity to get personalized advice from a pro, helping you to push your piece to the next level. And... we promise not to make you cry. Well, not intentionally anyways.

To see what's in store for you, be sure to check out some of the previous Crit-Submits, here, here, and here.

Once again, Here are the rules:
-After a call for entries, send an email to by the specified deadline.

-That email should contain the title "Crit-Submit #4" in the subject, and nothing else.

-In your email, paste a LINK to the piece of art you would like to submit... NOT an   attachment. (If you do not have the means of hosting the art yourself, there are a lot of free hosting sites like

-Even if you are going to submit the same piece as last time, you need to re-submit it.

-The art should be between 800 - 1200 pixels on the longest side.

-All skill levels are welcome, though the art in question must look near completed, and not be a work in progress.

-Entries may be in any medium.

-Each person may submit only one piece per challenge.

-You can remain anonymous if you so choose, and do not need to include your name... we will critique the piece just the same.

-Entries received after the deadline will NOT be considered.

Good luck, guys and gals! We look forward to seeing all of your entries!


  1. damn, I got a WIP here.. that only needs to be defined.. would love to get a crit on it.
    I think I will just try it anyways.

    1. No WIPs, Stryke. I don't want to spend an hour critiquing someone's work, only to have them say "Yeah, I just didn't paint that part yet". You've got a week still. Finish it up, then submit.

    2. I sent it minutes before reading your reply, sorry. Except that I unfortunately have no time to finish it :(

      Mhh, yeah you are right, but are you really getting a reaction (like that)? If an artist responds he probably is extremely greatful.
      The question is what would I not see and do that is of great worth..

      Thanks for the reply!!

    3. I don't think Dan's concern is one of the person being un grateful, but rather one of not meeting the real purpose of these critiques.

      They want an image that someone has taken as far as they can, literally the best they have to offer. And the critique is to help them go from their best up to the next level. If they aren't critiquing your absolute best, their critique will be mis-calibrated so to speak. The point isn't so much to help out the individual image, but to help the artist themselves grow and stretch beyond their current boundaries.

  2. Hey Dan,
    I have a piece that has 2 spot vignettes that go together on 1 page, will you consider that as well?

    1. Not a prob. It's possible the person critiquing it may choose to only do one of the two. But there certainly isn't any harm in showing both.

  3. awesomesauce, you've given me a deadline for the work ive been throwing around for a while, and thats served to motivate me!

  4. SO as I saw the previous "crit-submit"s I noticed that you guys took A LOT of time and efford to fix those paintings. Now the question is- do you choose only one to critique, or you send an e-mail with critics to everyone BUT you only post in the blog 1 painting, which you find most...helpful?Is everyone gonna get critiqued? Tnx

    1. Lol. No, not everyone is going to get critiqued. We get more than a hundred submissions, and that would take a looong time. We typically pick just one piece, though on occasion we've done more. It really depends on how busy everyone is.

    2. And the reason for such and in-depth critique is that hopefully -everyone- will learn from it, not just that one artist.

    3. Yes, I totally understand you, you do more than enough and the critique is rly helpful for all of us.

  5. Glad I saw this! Just sent mine.

    Hope to meet a bunch of you guys at Spectrum!

  6. I wish I'd checked in a few days ago! Hopefully, I won't miss the deadline for your next crit-submit. Looking forward to seeing how this one goes.

    1. There is still plenty of time to submit for this one. The deadline is not until this weekend.

  7. i'm really excited for this. thanks!

  8. Hey Dan, can I give you a link to my blog and the name of the piece that I would like you to critique?

  9. Hi there, is a link to a piece on DA okay, or would you prefer something like photobucket?


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