Saturday, June 16, 2012

High Fives

-By Tim Bruckner

Every one a sculpture. How many do you recognize?


  1. The one in the middle at the top is from 'The Greek Slave' by Hiram Powers. (Carving chains in the round in marble must be quite a feat.) The one immediately below that appears to be from the statue of St Longinus in the Vatican. There's one near the bottom from the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, There's also some from the Laocoon sculpture group. And there's probably a few Michelangelos, Berninis, Canovas and Rhodins in there.

  2. Andrea Verochio - david, Hiram Powers - the greek slaves, Jean-baptiste Carpeaux- ugolino and his sons and piscatoriello, Daniel Chester French - abraham lincoln, Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Ecstasy of St. Theresa and Pluto and Proserpina, Laocoön and His Sons, Michelangelo - pieta, Rodin -The Hand of God.

  3. I suck, the only one I got is The Rape of Proseprpina, bottm right:(

  4. I believe that's St. Gauden's "The Puritan" at the lower right.There are two Tom Kuebler sculpts as well. "Snipe Hunting" center left and "The Inquisitor" in the center.

  5. Beautiful hands.
    I don't recognize any though. ;(


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