Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monkey Business

By Jesper Ejsing


I just found this graffiti on the internet. I am sorry I cannot credit the guy who painted it, since I guess it was made illegally and posted under an alias. But, he did credit my original painting as being an inspiration. This homage really warms my heart.

I painted graffitti when I was young. I was very young and did not really dare to paint on walls or tunnels or trains. My buddy and I decorated shops or youth clubs . We painted graffiti pieces on canvas that were stitched to the back of our denim jackets. Every Monday we wore a new one that we had spent the weekend working on. I was doing the figures and my buddy Michael was making the letters. I remember one summer where I earned most of my vacation money from doing these kind of "Back Paintings" for a group of local Bikers called "Big Balls". The figure was an angry bull wielding a dagger, holding forth some hairy, cut off balls. As you see, I acquired a good taste in arts from a very early age.

I am sorry I cannot post any of my old graffiti. It has all been painted over or worn out.

In my heart I feel very "Oldschool" ( my Wife laughs at me when ever I try to insinuate that I am a hip hopper, or when I suggest that I am cool and used to be a rapper ).


  1. Jesper you are so busted, trying to hide by flipping the letters on your signature... Your cheap tricks don't fool us!

  2. great homage!
    that's very cool to hear!

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