Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome, Mike Butkus!

Over the next few weeks we will be adding several new contributors to the Muddy Colors roster. With great excitement, allow me to introduce you to the first of them... Illustrator, Mike Butkus.

Michael Butkus is an artist and author, who has worked on more than 2,500 films in the areas of advertising, movie poster art, set design, and character design.

Mike was trained at Otis Parsons in Los Angeles and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has taught illustration and rendering techniques, along with character design and visual development, to art industry professionals and commercial art students. He is well versed in both traditional and digital techniques. He is also the author of several 'how to paint' books.

Given his knowledge in nearly every aspect of commercial illustration, and his experience as an instructor, Mike is sure to be a valuable addition to the Muddy Colors roster. So please join me in giving Mike a warm welcome!

You can see more of Mike's finished work, as well as some absolutely mind-blowing thumbnails, at his website and his Facebook page.


  1. WElCOME! Thanks for being a part of my fav blog. Your "Fallen Angels" book is a dog eared favorite.

  2. Interesting that hes last name sounds like he has some ties with lithuania :)

  3. By crikey I'm quivering with excitement! First of all welcome, Mike!
    I have a request, I would very much like to know how you structure your montage illustrations or any tips and tricks in the process that you're willing to share... It will make this Aussie a very happy little vegimite indeed. Needless to say I love montage illustrations.


  4. I hadn't heard of him before now. Checking out the sketches on his website - holy crap this guy can DRAW! Welcome!

  5. long time fan...WHOA! This blog is becoming heaven!

  6. Mike Butkus is one of those special hidden gems over on So excited to see him contributing to one of my favorite blogs!

  7. Welcome, Mike! Looking forward to your first post.

  8. Hey guys thank you very, very much it's a real pleasure to be hear.

    Thank you Dan of course, and Sal,Drodobo,Rick,David, Artillory,David G,Drew,Jake,Kyle,Chee Kong and Louis for all your wonderful comments! I look forward to posting.


  9. Hey Mike,

    I1m very happy to know that now you are part of the muddy colors "GANG" and I know that great post will come from you because of you large experience and talent.
    I wish all the best for you.
    Love your work.


    Rod Pereira.


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