Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arkham Origins

In case you missed it last week (because you were at Spectrum Live like me, or otherwise), the new trailer for the video game 'Batman: Arkham Origins' was released... and it truly is a stunning piece of animation. In fact, at nearly 5 minutes long, it's hard to really call it a trailer at all.

Blur Studios is responsible for the short film, which showcases some redesigns of several well-known characters. Illustrator and Concept Artist, Wesley Burt (who we showcased here just the other day), was responsible for some of these designs, including the new Deathstroke (seen below).


  1. That was one rly cool trailer- can't believe how much Batman has evolved through the years.Those concepts are great- this guys is a complex artist, I checked his blog the other day and from what I saw there I would have never assumed that he is such a good concept artist -he's got it all covered -traditional and digital. When you can make equally awesome a drawing of a homeless guy and a Batman concept, you know you are on the right way :)

    1. Haha. Very true. Wes is sincerely one of the best draftsman I've ever met. He draws most everything from his imagination too!

  2. That is seriously some of the best animation I've seen done for a game video in a ling time. Definitely felt like more than a trailer. They should do a batman animated movie at this level.

  3. Its gotten to the point where I see a videogame trailer and think "Wow... that movie looks good. I wonder when it comes out......wait. Darn, they got me"

    (PS. On a side note, Dan will you be posting Frost Burned process shots? :D I love seeing the step-by-step process, its really helpful. Especially when it all wraps up into a great piece.)


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