Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Helmets Set 2

Greg Manchess

Here's the second set of helmets I revealed at Spectrum LIVE 2.

I was excited that so many people wanted to own one. Most of these sold in about 2 hours. Apparently, I'll be doing another set soon. (wink) But after that, I'll likely be shifting the theme.

Thanks for everyone's support and enthusiasm for helmets, astronauts, divers, spacemen, warriors, and whatnot. Planning on producing a poster of all of them.


Planet of Storms

Deep Diver 4



  1. How big are these Gregory? Great work by the way :)

  2. What Greg doesn't mention (the modest boy) is that he sold all of these in the first few hours of the show. Popular? I guess! :-)

  3. Hi Greg! So nice to see these at Spectrum, and to see you again as well! I think a poster would be terrific.

  4. I cannot decide what stirs me more, patches of raw under painting exposed like half healed wounds or the way you sometimes tackle highlights with those almost pure,heavy textured strokes. You are an absolutely fearless painter. Do you remember the older version of the apocalyptic 'I am Legend' called 'Omega man', starring Charlton Heston?
    If there was ever an artist born to illustrate that story it's you!
    What am I saying, how about an illustrated version of 'Soylent Green' and 'Planet of the Apes' too!

  5. When I saw these it immediately occurred to me that the reason I like the new work you are doing is that is is even more about material than your earlier illustrations. While the illustrations are masterful in most every way these have a visceral quality that makes the subject more a launching point and the paint and surface the real playground.

    By the way, I mentioned it on SFAL site but seeing you again confirmed to me that you are a handsome and powerful man. It really was great to see you again and those few minutes on the last night with you, Irene and the gang were priceless for a landlocked Boise guy like me.

  6. Beautiful work as always, a print of these would be great. Even better, the real thing!

  7. Most excellent Greg!

    Congrats on selling out. There seems to be insatiable appetite out there for these little gems.

  8. Thanks again, guys!

    Belinda...these are all on 5x5" cradled Gessobord panels.

    Will....good to see you again!

    Furman....thank you....that's a great review. Y'know, I've always wanted to be a fearless painter. Something I picked up along the way: watching people paint, it felt like they knew what they were doing, where they were going. I realized later that the only way to paint like that was to risk failure. I failed many times. Over the years, you know where to go, but it's still never guaranteed. I guess that's why it's a struggle. YES!! The Planet of the Apes! My favorite book as a young man. Wouldn't that be fun to see done like the novel?

    Bill....I'm flattered, you nut. I will try to stay handsome, but the time, man....the time passes so very fast....
    Great to see you as well in KC! Never enough time, huh?

    Duncan...didn't know you were reading here....nice to know, coming from such a great drawer as yourself!

    Jared...I only got the chance to do one robot! But....hint....that's the area I'll push into next....

    Agreed then: a poster it will be. Will let Muddies know when it's available! But uhh....I'm not set up for all that postage and handling. Maybe at a con?

    1. Cheers Greg, that made my day! I follow a lot of art feeds on my iPad but rarely get around to commenting as I never remember log-in details… but your work just blows me away, always makes me want to learn to paint. Thanks for that :)

  9. I wish he would collect this stuff in a book.

  10. Beautiful work. There's just something about helmets...
    Oh, and is that Captain Dallas from "Alien" I see in there?

  11. Fantastic work, I'd love to see what you'd do with a 2001 movie helmet. I'd be interested in a poster of these too.

  12. Yeah, got it: Dallas was the inspiration, so to speak....: )

    Klaatu...if you go back to the first helmets post on Muddy, you'll see a bright red one on the corner.....that one came from 2001. I may have to do more though!

    And if y'all have suggestions for helmets....let me know!

  13. Greg,

    These are brilliant, congrats on finding them good homes at Spectrum! Are these all still brushwork? Or are you bringing in some palette knife devilry for the really chunky stuff? I remember a conversation we had at IMC 2010 where you mentioned that you wanted to paint even "chunkier" than you were at the time. I'd say you have successfully arrived at that point, sir. Love the new work.

  14. How about a Mycenaean boar's tusk helmet??

  15. Rob....I start with the palette knife, going extremely loose. Then I get the brush involved. Going even chunkier if I can! Love The Chunk.

    Christoffer---yikes! is that real? Gotta link?

    1. Indeed - it even has its own Wikipedia entry:

  16. The Russell Crowe movie "Gladiator" featured some impressive helmets, in particular Tigris of Gaul:

    And the Rocketeer ain't bad either... for a hood ornament.

  17. I was thrilled to pick up the robot painting just as the show opened. I laughed at myself later on because I walked away from helping set up John Picacio's booth, cordless drill in hand, and rushed over to get the jump on getting one of these. I'm still a little over the moon about owning an original Manchess.

  18. Greg love the Planet of storms and gagarine ones. I totally need another helmet painting! please keep me on the mailing list. and Klaatu here is a big scan of the 2001 helmet painting Greg did.
    can't wait for more! Keep bringing the chunk!

  19. Very cool! And it was fun to see you paint the last one... :)


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