Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Originals for Spectrum LIVE 2

Greg Manchess

Astronaut, 1920

This Friday is the opening of Spectrum LIVE 2!

I’m excited to not only be there, but this year we’ll have our own Muddy Colors booth, and many of us from the blog will be doing demo paintings right at the booth, organized by our founder, Dan Dos Santos. My demo is scheduled for 2pm to 3pm on Saturday.

The originals of the images I’m previewing here will be on display at my own booth, right next to Muddy’s, #612. Stop by and show me your work.’s Irene Gallo will be doing portfolio reviews there as well!

After LIVE 2, I’ll post another round of helmet studies revealed at my booth this weekend.

Space Station Repair, 1925

Major Tom

We Reach The Moon, 1920

Fly! Fly!


  1. Gorgeous and imaginative stuff. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity with us. I especially like Major Tom -- I like how solid his helmet feels and the fun intensity of his expression.

  2. Holy smokes on Major Tom! Is that Irene's cat? I may be seeing too much into it but he kinda looks like you Greg. Love it!

    1. Ha! Now that's all I can see... He even looks like he's thinking about ninjas... :D

  3. Amazing work as always. I won't be able to attend Spectrum Live, but is there a way to see what you have for originals and purchase online?

  4. These all are just awesome Greg! Can't wait to see them in person - and to get to watch you paint again!
    See you soon!

  5. I hope somebody films the demos for those of us who aren't go to Spectrum Live 2!

  6. Wish I could be there! Love Major Tom...I was jonesing for a Manchess fix. I'm currently painting a portrait right now and getting some inspiration from Mr. Manchess. Yes...someone please tape the demos!

  7. Thanks, all!

    Looks like Major Tom, the one I wasn't sure people would 'get' is a favorite. Happy for that! Sorry to miss many of you at Spectrum, but since you stop by Muddy a lot, you should feel included anyway!

    Next post: more helmets! : )


  8. More helmets, Greg, and, please, more Major Tom!


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