Monday, July 29, 2013

Hall of Fame

-by Arnie Fenner

The Society of Illustrators' Hall of Fame honors artists whose works have had a significant impact on the the illustration field. Selected by a panel of former presidents of the SoI, the 2013 inductees are:

Sandy Kossin

You can find a complete year-by-year list of past honorees at the Society's website.


  1. Amen and yes please to Arthur Rackham (no objections to any of the others either).
    James Gardner Art

  2. Can't believe Arthur Rackham is just now being inducted.

    Also, I got a chance to meet Murray Tinkelman once at SI. These were pre-internet days, so I didn't actually know what he looked like. When he told me his name I was starstruck. It was a funny/awkward moment. What a great guy. Kind and gracious. Congrats to all.


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