Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mars Attacks! Process Video

-By Jeff Miracola


  1. That was awesome. Great to see the different steps involved in producing the finished piece.

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  2. It was very interesting. Thank you for doing such a video.

  3. Jeff! Thanks SO much for taking the time to document this. Your videos are always very accessible and approachable. They remove the mystical aura that surrounds the painting process without diminishing the beauty of the process in the least. In fact, I think that watching the development adds to the appreciation of the final image, especially for a fellow artist. I've always been intimidated by oils, but screw that! If you think about it, wouldn't you say that oils have the closest thing to an 'undo button' of most traditional media? Wipe it out and try again!

    One quick note on the video... I love that you chose to cut between real-time scenes rather than posting a full time lapsed painting. It's vastly more informative! While I could probably totally enjoy watching the real time execution of the entire painting, I totally dig seeing the brush control decisions. You chose to include scenes with big, loose control, as well as slower, more deliberate strokes. As a painter, these are absolutely invaluable. Thanks again.

    An inspired fan,
    Seth Greenwald


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