Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Greg Manchess Show Opening

A reminder to those in NYC and surrounding areas, Gregory Manchess: A Life in Paint opens today at the Museum of American Illustration in the Society of Illustrators building. Featuring 50 paintings from throughout his career, the show includes book covers, advertising art, editorial illustrations, and personal works. Running concurrently with Greg's exhibit are two additional shows, The Vision of George Stavrinos and Peter Kuper: Drawn to New York.

For address, exhibit hours and other information, visit the Society's website.

Photo by Irene Gallo


  1. All best wishes for this opening, Greg - sure wish I could be there. We expect full reports, sir, full reports!

  2. Congratulations to Greg, an exhibit like this represents true recognition of his efforts. I would love to see the paintings, but being in LA, it is a bit too far of a drive.

  3. Full reports it is! Thanks, you guys....I don't want to overdo it, but it's hard to tell in CyberWorld if too much is too much.

    But I'll take pix and such....

    Wish everyone could go. I'm feeling pretty proud, and scared. It really says, "this is YOU, Manchess. Whatdya think?"


    1. Far better too much than too little when it comes to reports.

  4. Congratulations, Master!!

    I would not worry too much about the impact of your work (especially the originals) on the audience, whether fans, or professional artists! It is really IMPRESSIVE, and it’s still getting better and better… You, as an artist, are like a good wine - the older the better! Truly inspirational!

  5. Congratulations Greg! Thanks for always giving freely and abundantly, your works, advice and experiences. Just sit back and enjoy as we celebrate you!

  6. I wholeheartedly concur with the above comments. Congrats Greg!...and well deserved.


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