Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kim Jung Gi... At It Again!

Kim Jung Gi just uploaded a new timelapse video of him drawing, and as usual, it's amazing to watch!


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  2. There have been discussion on Muddy Colors before about how "talent" is overrated and not that important to be an artist. Particularly by Greg Manchess. Then there is Kim Jung Gi... the only way to explain it is genius of some sort. Very few, if any, artists could do what he does, no matter how hard and long you practiced drawing. It is just unbelievable.

  3. I could watch him draw for hours but, thank G-Bus they used time-lapse. Wonderful talent and probably extreme dedication to his craft.

  4. Joel: I disagree. Kim Jung Gi has most definitely done his ten thousand hours. It is a rare and remarkable skill that he has for sure, but a trainable one nonetheless.

    1. That is not my point, clearly he has put in the time, dedication and training. What I am saying is there IS something special about him that sets him apart from other artists, call it talent, genius, or whatever.

    2. Yes, I know what you mean. This is truly unbelievable stuff!

      I just sometimes get worked up on this talent/genius concept because it is so unhelpful and such a negative force in the art world (And one that really hurt me when I was younger).

      What is interesting is that in the business world (for example) the finest thing you can be is a "self made man" – someone who has built a fortune from scratch through hard work and dedication.

      In the art world it's exactly the other way around. We want our heroes to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths, so to speak. That is why it almost sounds like an insult when I say that Kim Jung Gi has a "trainable skill".

    3. It is remarkably close to an insult (though I know that was not your intention). I also understand a dislike of the talent/genius idea, for personal reasons. But beyond my emotions, I know that there are people working as artists who just have something more than everyone else. To say it's a trainable skill is a half-truth.

      He definitely had to grind his way to where he is, but I highly doubt he is the hardest working, hardest studying artist in the world. Some people slave away, working ridiculous hours, they're really busting their chops, teeth to the grindstone. And some of those people just will not be able to do this.

      I hate that, but what are ya gonna do. Just be the best you can be.

  5. photographic visual memory, lots of drawing....Kim Jun Gi:::

  6. He actually said himself that he works hard memorising all the things he puts down. His productivity is also very high. He puts it artwork quite frequently.

  7. Good doodling but doodling non the less. Most of the drawing looks wrong, and amateurish.


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