Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Charlie Hardin

-By Dan dos Santos

Here's a piece I did not too long ago, for a book called "Charlie Hardin'. It's written by esteemed SF author, Dean Ing, and is semi-autobiographical. It tells the story of a young boy growing up in Texas post WWII.

The painting itself is a little unusual for me. I painted it much larger and looser than I normally do, and also painted it on canvas (which lends itself well to both large and loose paintings).

Above are some alternate concepts. You can see how all of my concepts revolved around the sense of a vast sky. Even early on, I felt it was prudent to explore the way type treatment affected it.

Aside from being a strong compositional element, the moon was intended as a nod to the Science Fiction books the author would later grow up to write.

I will be displaying this painting, along with several other originals, this weekend at Dragon Con. Come visit me in the Art Show Room. I will have Originals, giclees, posters, books and DVDs.


  1. Love it! Awesome sense of storytelling, you can sense his passion and dreams of being a pilot. Great.

  2. I like how the publisher chose to avoid showing the kid's face... I'm a little surprised... but I think it was a wise choice. It's easier for the readers to put themselves in the kid's shoes. Great piece.

  3. That's really something, Dan. Major kudos.

  4. I love the colors and sense of light, and textures and rust on the car. I'm really digging "Manhattan", the new tv series about the Manhattan Project, so I'm wondering if that show is influencing me to read a sinister significance to that bright, bright flash, or if you intended that kind of association, given the era.

  5. Absolutely brilliant. But I wonder… what led you to go outside of your norms? (Larger, loser, and with canvas.)

    Obviously, it was the right choice, but I'm just curious as to your thinking.

    A truly beautiful piece, sir. One of my faves.

  6. Incredible, so much emotion and nostalgia in one piece.

  7. Probably my favourite piece of yours. I am partial to vintage automobiles and simple backgrounds

  8. I know I told you on Facebook, but I just adore this piece. I think the final composition is so smart!

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  11. Hey my husbands name is Charles Hardin and this just really hit home. He actually lived under that vast sky out west his entire formative years. I plan on finding the book as soon as possible. Thanks!


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