Wednesday, October 8, 2014


By Jesper Ejsing

Final artwork

Steve Prescott and I joined forces once again for a playmat illustration. We are both signing Magic cards at the upcoming Magic Grand Prix in Stockholm in 2 weeks time, so we thought it would be fun if we could also paint the official playmat together. Since we are on different side of the Atlantic Ocean we decided that it would be easiest if we split the tasks and painted it digitally. I did some rough concepts as compositional ideas to Steve, and he took it to real drawing. I have always loved Steves drawings and have really looked forward to actually painting one of his illustrations.

When I started painting I soon slipped into a more painterly style as apart from just colouring a pencil drawing. As soon as the face became every fully painted I started spreading that "Finish" all around the rest of the image

Digital thumbs

The file went back and forth between me and Steve a couple of times and he did some rough paintovers that I would implement. the glowing runes are his Idea. He tells me it means something in Viking Runic letters and is amazed that I do not Speak it fluently and am able to read them as if it was Danish.

Steves Sketch

Rough Colors. I tried Blue/purple skin tones but wanted the image to be warmer for more apealing colors.


  1. such a great piece!, love both gesture thumbs, something i like the most is the almost Mucha style flowing hair strands. I know you said this is digital but something i find really awesome is how you kept that transparent wash look around the bottom of the painting as if the drawing is coming through, its nice to see that in a digital painting, because you can almost see the scanned canvas texture underneath, great movement and weightlessness too.

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  3. Yah Carl; I really love Mucha. I am glad you can tell. Inspired by him and Claire wendling I am to make lines fluid and pretty.

  4. Wow, this is absolutely breathtaking. I've never seen a more amazing painting of a mermaid, and that's saying something!

  5. Beautiful! As always, your colors are beautiful. I love the composition and the drawing is great. Successful collaboration!


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