Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like A New Contributor

- Cory Godbey

Hello, my fellow Muddy Colors readers!

It's entirely possible (but probably not probable) that you might remember a trilogy of posts from about this time last year while I filled in for Justin Gerard. It's been some time since then but I'm pleased to report that I've joined Muddy Colors as a regular contributor. Feel free to think of this as your own, personal Christmas miracle! (Or gift, I suppose.)

By way of reintroduction, I'm Cory. I've had the opportunity to work on many projects over the years ranging from publishing to comics to animation. In my spare time I teach workshops and do mentorships. Earlier this year I had the honor of being on the jury panel for Spectrum 21.

The Gryphon March


I thought it might be of interest to post again the links to that aforementioned Muddy Colors trilogy.

The first post was on the importance of personal work. The second post featured an interview with gentleman adventurer and swordsmith David DelaGardelle. The concluding chapter details my working process of planning and not planning.

Until next time you can find me (likely posting pictures of the wild animals I allow to live in my house) over on Twitter and Instagram.


It's certainly been a memorable 2014 with projects, conventions, and travel but ending the year by joining Muddy Colors marks a highlight. A huge thanks to Dan for the invitation!


  1. Glad to see you posting on MC regularly Cory! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. A Christmas miracle. I'll be. You know I'm looking forward to your posts here Cory.

  3. Looking forward to your post! Happy Holidays!

  4. A great addition to Muddy Colors! I look forward to reading your posts Cory.

  5. Yay! I look forward to reading your posts.

  6. Welcome aboard Cory! Good to have you here.

  7. Thank you for accepting the Muddy Colors invitation Cory! Your work is amazing! I look forward to seeing more of your images and reading your posts. Great stuff!


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