Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Great Job, Internet!

by Cory Godbey

Hey, great job, internet! I mean it. If you can manage to tune out the garbage (which is not easy, I know) the month of March hasn't been all that bad for finding good things online. 

I decided to collect a few gems here. Enjoy!

Michael Manomivibul is creating an art book chronicling his best works from 2009 until the present. The Kickstarter for the project launches today! This is one that I can't wait to see in print. I've gotten to know Mike over the last few years through a handful of conventions and I'm proud to call him a friend. His work possesses this haunting, dreamlike quality that I think is wonderful.


Irene Gallo's Facebook Album: Green

Art Director Irene Gallo has been pulling together an ongoing series of themed Facebook albums. The diverse collections include past and contemporary works all on a particular, unifying theme.

Her current series is titled, simply, Green. Take a look here!


Paul Bonner's Big Painting

Yes, indeed, measuring at over three feet (the painting, not the man) the inimitable wizard Paul Bonner has completed his largest painting to date in this fine month of March. 

Using his arcane knowledges (and purported dark arts dabbling) Paul has created yet another thing of wonder, beauty, and power. Oh look! Goblins!


Best Art Illustration

Muddy Colors' own Howard Lyon curates a terrific series of, you guessed it, the best art and illustration. I couldn't possibly write a more precise (and concise) blurb myself so I swiped one this from directly from Howard: "Daily sharing of beautiful art and illustration from past and current masters." Yes, Howard gave this a plug on his post last week but I wanted to give it another bump!

You can follow on Twitter, Instagram, or as I have done, on both.



I guess this one's been around a while but it's new to me this month, the Twitter account @LostDrawings.

You can find everything from contemporary fantasy to comics to Old Masters to advertising art from the 60s on the @LostDrawings. I appreciate the incredibly wide variety of work that's posted throughout the day.



Recently, Cory Loftis (the "other" Cory, the rich man's Cory) a visual development artist at Disney, dropped a ton of Zootopia concept art over on his Tumblr. There's a wealth of character design information to be gleaned!


Another find on Twitter, illustrator Hannah Christenson (@Hannah_illo) has been posting a series of daily warm up gouache studies that are particularly nice!


Justin is a concept artist (most recently on Halo 5) and he was also one of the fine folks that I had the good fortune to travel through Iceland with last summer! He's just recently completed a beautiful six page comic, Ozymandias (based on the Percy Shelley poem).

(While you're at it, you can also just take a look at Justin's site!)

Anything good that I missed this month? I'm sure that there is! Let me know in comments.


  1. Wow what a glorious collection of collections to go through. Thanks for sharing! It's so exciting finding new art to enjoy.

    1. Sure thing, Angela! It was a joy to pull the collection together.

  2. very nice! looks like some new favorites for me

  3. Great pooling of creativity. Inspiring. Thanks, Cory!

  4. Excellent! Thank you the new sources of inspiration and for the plug too! :)

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