Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dorian Iten: Accuracy Training

Dorian Iten is a fantastic artist and a devoted educator. His classical atelier-style approach to life and cast drawing places a lot of emphasis on accuracy. To help students learn to draw better from life, Dorian has developed a few tricks for testing and improving one's visual acuity. Check out this brief 3 step process below, and then give it a shot yourself. It's harder than it looks!

And be sure to check out Dorian's site, where he has some really fantastic process and tutorials:

Like 'How to make a Value Study': http://www.dorian-iten.com/value-study/


  1. I always found the Reilly system is more about construction then training for accuracy. What you're expressing is more inline with what I relate towards in finding correlative measurements and angles:

  2. Dorian Iten's website like a treasury, thanks for sharing!


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