Sunday, December 11, 2016

Monthly Live Event : December

This coming Saturday will be our next Live Event! This time, Ron Lemen will be discussing how to draw the human figure from imagination. First, he will discuss and draw a pose using reference. Then, while discussing anatomy and perspective, he will show you how you can draw that same pose from any angle you can imagine!

As usual, just a $5 donation gets you access to the event. For more info, visit our Patreon page at:


  1. Hi, will this be available to buy as a download at all? The event will be kicking off at 10pm my time and I won't be able to watch (work's xmas party, not because of it being after bedtime!)

    1. Yes. People who pledge $10 are given access to a downloadable version which is usually available about a week after the event.

  2. Hello, knowing how Patreon works, usually when you sign up during the current month you do not get access to that months' content. So if I were to sign up today, would that give me access to this weekends live event?

    1. We have it set so that you are charged immediately upon pledging, for this very reason. Also, if you sign up soon, we typically give access to the previous month's video as well, provided it's still available.


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