This Month in Covers : September/October

Once again, it's time for our (almost) monthly installment 'This Month in Covers', where I explore some new covers that I personally find eye-catching and are currently on the shelf. It's really easy to get your fill of art just from perusing Facebook and Instagram. But if you're an aspiring illustrator, I implore to get your butt to an actual brick and mortar bookstore and take a look at what is actually on the shelf and currently defining market trends. Part of what makes producing good cover art so difficult is that it has to stand out amongst an ocean of other really good covers. It's an important aspect of the industry, and one that you can only get an appreciation from when you actually go into a book store of comic shop.

There are a few pieces in this month's segment that I only discovered this month, despite their earlier release date, but they were simply too good to pass up a mention. Enjoy!

Street Angel Gang

Art by Jim Rugg


Art by Tommy Arnold

The Black Tides of Heaven

Art by Yuko Shimizu

Infinity Wars

Art by Adam Tredowski

Neverwhere : Illustrated Edition

Art by Chris Riddell

Le Petit Loup Rouge

Art by Amelie Flechais

The Name of the Wind : 10th Anniversary Edition

Art by Sam Weber

Ruin of Angels

Art by Goni Montes

The Tiger's Daughter

Art by Jaime Jones

Under the Pendulum Sun

Art by John Coulthart

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